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In Bloom- 06.06.06

Jackson Stakeman, fashion/beauty photographer, and my tourguide through NY, has a beautiful vibrant photoeditorial up at Lagmagazine. I tried to get a photographer’s statement out of him, and it was less than easy - but he did divulge that “I like images that have an idea in them, so the goal was to strip down both images until they were just color and design and hold them in opposition - Inspiration meets Reality.” - so go take a look at his floral vs. beauty shots. Full collection of images below…

His work look familiar? Well he also shot NOTed our first NOTcot EDitorial. Take a look at more of his work at his website or feel free to help me pressure him in to shooting more NOTed pieces, and other great shoots as innovative as these.

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In the last for months I have seen a few photographers use 2 images side by side. I am Really struck by Stackman’s attention to the relationship between the images in each set. When I look I am thinking “you couldn’t get a better pairing here!” something I haven’t felt to this extent yet with this side by side style.

----- Samuel 03.10.09 16:34

i luv the make-up

----- Breanna 27.12.08 21:39

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