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Oddica Packaging- 06.01.06

You’ve been seeing Oddica’s shirts around the usual tee sites, and i even posted about their philosophies and sweet designs previously… The brilliant and nice folks over there sent a shirt over to Jermacide to review, and while he’s busy with work at the moment, i couldn’t help forcing him to let me post the packaging first! Isn’t it fun? T-shirts shouldn’t be just another piece of clothing stuffed in an envelope - the experience of opening and exploring mail isn’t dead. So check out the great custom printed ziploc like envelopes they use, and the great slew of postcards, pins, stickers, and the really fun old school “library book card” that gives you an easy way to a) keep track of what shirts your have and b) loan them out to people and track them. [envelope close up below]


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I love these too - does anyone know where you can buy them from!?

----- Jon Moss 07.06.08 04:10

what a pleasant surprise that would be in my mailbox!

----- ryan 02.06.06 15:35

Ahhh, so that’s what the library card thing is for…

----- Andy 02.06.06 07:42

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