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Circle Project- 07.24.06

As someone who never quite managed to fall in love with the Spirograph as a kid - i’m quite liking the technically precise nature of Richard Sarson’s Circle Project, which he just emailed over. Can you believe these are drawings produced using a compass and felt-tip (marker) pens? In the time of digital replication, its hard to imagine the patience it takes to do this by hand. Also fun, are his Sound Seminar Posters! So clean, so simple, so powerful. So black and white. (with a dash of color)

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I like the the flaws of being hand drawn. Close your screen down till you just have overlaping pattern showing then try to focus on a single circle and see what happens to the rest of the drawing. The random depth illusion happens because of the hand drawn flaws. a computer drawing would create a patern of only 2 depths.
I love illusions.

----- Erik 25.07.06 12:27

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