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Emotional Blackmail…- 07.10.06

In light of certain events the last week (that caused everything to hit pause a bit) - i couldn’t resist posting this project that was up at Reluct. People do strange things when angry, vengeful, hurt, alienated. It’s a dangerous place to be in… especially when people take to physical manipulation as a form of emotional blackmail. NOT COOL! But if you’re going to have to do it - and pretend you had an affair, and WANT to get caught… which is the key here… Bjorn Franke developed the ” Traces of an Imaginary Affair project investigates this feeling through a kit containing a set of nine devices which leave traces of such an imaginary affair. The tools leave marks on the body such as bite marks, carpet burns, bondage marks, love bites, scratches and bruises. Probes of perfume, lipstick and hair can be applied to either the body or clothes.” - do it in style? or like a true psychotic designer/fancy tools in a pretty case aficionado? “The project examines the world of private psychological warfare within relationships, in which obsessive behaviour and disorders surface. Rather than offering the common approach of subjecting these to restrictive cultural norms, the kit enables people to exhibit them in a most effective way.”

But i can’t help but ask, if you’re going to go through this much trouble and hurt yourself a bit… might as well go ahead and actually have the affair? Or i guess you could always take that cheese grater to the knees for rugburn simulation.

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