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Fairytaled- 07.07.06

oO posted these over to .org and they have been mesmerizing me all morning. Even drives me nuts when i can’t figure out what movie it is. Russian folk illustration stylized movie posters? I think we’ve got Spiderman, Star Wars, and LOTR here… and a few more that i liked details of after the jump. See more images here as well.







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The Hot Toys distributor only recently made public a 1:6th scale Spider-Man fig based on the 3rd movie. The figure seems to be amazing in the preview images. Definitely the greatest Spidey figure to date. Unfortunately it won’t be released until a few more weeks.

----- StatueFan 09.12.10 20:59

If found a little more information about the artist. His name is Andrey Kuznetsov and you can see more of his work on http://www.hiero.ru/Akuaku/Lubki/gallery (use babelfish if you are like me and don’t read cyrillic very well )

----- oO 07.07.06 17:50

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