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Harry and the PotterS- 07.21.06

Any band that can rock the US all summer long touring… sponsored and playing their way through the LIBRARIES of America and have gorgeous posters and cover art is ok in my books. Even if they ARE “Harry and the Potters”, i think i might have to go check out out their show at the La Public Library. Yes i will be that big kid in the back. I posted one of their videos on .org a while back ~ and you can hit up their myspace for some listening pleasure. They crack me up. Check out the sweet cover art here… can you believe they have 3 albums? Oh and that Draco and the Malfoys are opening for them? And in case you haven’t guessed yet - they are pretty emo.

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The cover art is alright, but that poster is awesome. I love the silhouetted trees and the colors in the back. Greens, blues… awesome.


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