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Kawasaki’s Woody Ladies- 07.01.06

Mesmerized by the works of LA Artist, Audrey Kawasaki, tonight… noticed her on Fabulist and went through as much of her work as i could find! My favorites are below (watch out there are many!)… Something about the way these illustrations are painted in/out of the wood (depending on your perspective, perhaps), yet almost floating like a translucent layer above it. You can tell from my pics, i’m especially drawn to her images with natural elements, be it flowers, mushrooms, birds, monkeys… and that art nouveau feel of them mixed with the innocent, simple lined characters with such piercing eyes. She has a show starting July 7th in Seattle at Roq la Rue.







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your work is very well crafted. it’s reminiscent of Rococo (period in french art) with its pastel like colors and gentle figures. i also really appreciate the wood grain showing through. i’m an art student now experimenting with wood relief and thats how i came across this site. keep up the good work.

also to “k”— artists usually have a series of work that has a related theme or subject. don’t knock what you dont understand.

----- Kiki Velma 03.04.08 20:50

whoever wrote another copy and paste artist is a loser and proberly emo. grow up. and have some taste in art. the blending and creative use of wood, i love.
ur art rocks my socks!woop!

----- Pascale Baker 27.03.08 14:14

Another copy paste artist.
Does the same thing over and over and gets praised for it. All I’m seeing is the same missing limbs and pouty faces.
Where’s some experimentation? Bleh.

----- K. 09.05.07 18:44


----- vic 14.08.06 20:12

Hi, i was amazed by your art work and wondered how much your paintings were to buy?

thanks Rebecca

----- Rebecca 11.07.06 06:06

Hooray I love you! I bought one of her prints from Copro Nason a while ago, that’s actually mounted on wood and varnished, so it LOOKS like a painting— and Copro Nason is in L.A. ;) You can find it here if they still have them:


----- Olga Nunes 01.07.06 09:16

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