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Paris House- 07.27.06

Some people inherit money, others inherit a company name to carry on with - the unique part here is that as the company changed hands, the business did as well. What began with her grandfather as a jewelry store has grown and evolved through the years. I love this part of the about page “The name Paris House was originally created by my grandfather, Cohus Paris in 1934 for his jewellery business. My father Michael Paris, a watchmaker, continued his father’s tradition until his death in 2002. It is with a sense of pride and commitment that I continue the legacy of care and quality associated with the Paris House name.”

I love companies where the philosophies are well grounded in the passions of the owners/workers. And the Paris House seems to have understood and embodied this notion whole heartedly from day one. As a designer - Sharon Paris managed to combine her background as a conceptual artist - and her ability to create some fascinating leather wallets, etc which all have text to draw you in, make you think - and thats not enough, she takes you on a ride through mental illness in this collection (even donating 10%). And packaging is fun stuff. She provides you with a pot of New Zealand bee’s wax to preserve the leathers ~ one of the first lines contained beeswax with “what’s so wrong with taking care of each other?” imprinted in it.

4 Notes

i have a feather brooch gold in colour stamped PARIS HOUSE LONDON please could you give me some info on price ? many thanks joanne

----- joanne 16.02.08 16:46

i have a pair of beautiful paris house london earrings they were left to me by my grandmother,iam going to have them appraised i think they could be rose gold with diamonds(lots of diamonds!)could anyone tell me what they could be worth? thanx

----- kerry 12.11.07 20:52

did you have any look finding out about your brooch, as I have a set of earrings with the same markings and would like to know more.

----- lee 15.09.07 04:30

found a magnificent brooch with a plaque signed
“PARIS HOUSE LONDON’. Do you know anything about it? Thank you

----- JAMIE 21.01.07 09:20

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