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Skeleteeeeees- 07.28.06

For anyone that every wanted x-ray vision, these shirts are for you. They are also great for med students during exams. So here’s the backstory on how i found these - we were printing shirts - and Caroline (yes, the intern) started on about this fabulous vintage shirt she stole from a friend while living in Rome, but unfortunately he stole it back. First made back in the late 70s we didn’t think it would be possible to find again… but low and behold the artist is still making them. And there is quite a story behind it. This isn’t just any t-shrt designer. These Skeletees are the work of Dr. Leslie Arwin. Yes a medical doctor. She’s a physician, medical illustrator, and anatomist, and “can assure you that her T-shirts are 100% anatomically correct.” Besides these two designs (the front and back of the bones T, and the Stomach T) - there are also muscle tees, nerves tees, and apparently a heart, x-ray, and “keep on tickin’” shirt that dont have images on the site yet. Wow. I wish i had these during AP Bio. I wonder if they glow under black lights.

p.s. “Bill Murray sleeps in one in Tootsie. Also seen in Crocodile Dundie 2, EDtv, Spinal Tap, numerous TV shows, and even worn by a cartoon character in the Simpsons.”

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