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The Kid in Me- 07.21.06

I’m sure by now i can’t hide that i never outgrew my cartoon loving, sugar craving kid within. So it should come as no surprise when i tell you that i’m slow today on posts (but have quite a bit of amazing larger features on the list to post for you!) - because i need to pop down to Comicon and see what all the fuss is about, and check out new toys. But i’ll be back! Also, we might be in need of help/hiring/need more fun people to come play with us and find cool stuff or design with us. I’m deciding. But you know how to contact me if this even remotely piques your interest.

But for now, how fun are these kids shirts? These icons epitomize some of the phases of my childhood obsessions. Go JEETO! … also their Allergy Collection is freaking brilliant… see below.

I knew a lot of friends with peanut/lactose/etc allergies when i was a kid (and still now!) but you simply can’t depend on other people to watch out for you all the time… so any warnings help. Love that they built this into a clothing line.


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That site pisses me off immensley. It has amazing tshirts and they are only in children’s sizes. Where’s the fun in that?

----- Kristofski 21.07.06 16:56

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