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Tiffany & Co. + Gehry- 07.24.06

Guest Writer, Colin Rundel - Last Tuesday we had the privilege to join GenArt and Tiffany&Co at the launch of the new Frank Gehry Collection at their store over in Century City. Love him or hate him, Gehry is undoubtedly one of the most well known architects of our time, with claims to fame like the Disney Concert Hall here in LA, and the Guggenhein Museum in Bilbao. This new lines seems to pay homage to some of his classics, using similar lines and themes - from the playfulness of the Fish collection to the bent shapes of Fold. Even the loopy and complicated pattern of classic Gehry sketches are captured in the intricate connections of the Torque collection. While not everything has the same dramatic impact, this line does an incredible job of merging the simple beauty of Tiffany&Co. with the architectural form of Gehry to a great effect and is well worth viewing in person.

[NOTCOT note: While you may be accustomed to his pieces being of a different scale, i found it fascinating seeing how these pieces really felt like mini pieces of art ~ sculptural and architectural in nature ~ that contrasted well with the human form. Think a little piece of Gehry to light up your next outfit. Our personal favorites from the collection were those bangles and rings!]




These special Gehry feature display cases were quite nice, wasn’t quite feeling that shade of blue though.

All jewelry was for trying - and much of it looked even more beautiful on than in the case.

People were milling about the store enjoying cocktails and hour devours.

They even had a dj over in the corner.

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