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Cross Stitch It- 08.29.06

Checking out new German/Spanish T site, SELEKKT, i found German Silberfischer that makes these incredible cross stitch pins (tvs! skulls that glow in the dark! hearts in rectangular speech bubbles!) Also loving their kids line of tees and bibs - not sure how baby food and stains wash out of cross stitch, but makes for a cute gift. And the error hat was just worth throwing in as well.

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For a really BIG piece, I went to A.C.Moore and got a “roller” stretcher frame — it stretches out the piece in a small area in the center, the rest of it rolls up around the ends of the frame. For smaller pieces, I just buy a properly sized plain wooden frame, cheap, remove the glass & backing, and staple the fabric across the back with a staple gun, stretching it as I put it on. If you do this right, you can then use the frame afterwards to frame the finished piece!!

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