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Glam War- 08.29.06

When those late night ads for Bling It On meet your Bazooka, you know you’re in trouble. Let’s hope we don’t reach a point where grabbing my fire hydrant red swarovski grenade is as essential as my keys when leaving the house. None the less - this project has been making its way around the design sites this week, and apparently its from 2001… HOARD Magazine’s layout on Antonio Riello’s “Ladies Weapons” collection - where every piece is named after a significant woman in his life. I don’t know exactly how i’d interpret that if i were one of them. Carmella intrigues me the most - i wonder what she must have been like to inspire that piece.

Also sorry i was slow today. Went sailing yesterday - and had this close call with another boat - and on a gybe where we both made it, but SO near each other… THEIR boom went crack against my skull pretty hard, so yesterday was pretty much lost to working, and today was busy as well as a little of a throbbing haze.

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