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Kwik Shop- 08.11.06

RUGenius is off and running around in Berlin this week - and has been sending in pics of her finds… Colin Rundel armed with her notes and laptop has this to say :

Our first installment is on a brilliant and unique shopping experience that has popped up around Berlin, the Kwikshop where everything for sale is in stacked cucbicles in the large front window and can be purchased from a clerk via a small hatch. These tiny storefronts shops specialize in catering to window-shoppers and the immediate needs of the populace. The ultimate in convenience for both the shopper and seller as the stock can easily be switched around to suit the current climate / needs / mood. Raining out? Put out the galoshes and umbrellas. Had a little too much fun the night before? A Kwikshop can set you right with a clean set of underwear and toothbrush/toothpaste. Even if you need something as obscure as german golden and diamond ring rubber stamps, they have what you need, when you need it. The whole idea is just great and completely random but brilliant.






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This is the store I was telling you about.

Genius idea!

----- Tom 16.11.07 18:19

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