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Little Brooklyn- 08.10.06

Who’s this Little Brooklyn character? Story below…

This pup has been intriguing me all day, so finally tracked down all the info… Via the Little Brooklyn MySpace: “About me:
Little Brooklyn was inspired by a trip to Japan. When designer Brad Digital was in front of Shibyu station having a conversation with an elderly gentleman who had moved to Japan during the Second World War, before him was perched an almost eight-feet-high marble pedestal topped with a bronze dog. The dog appeared to quite the tourist attraction in itself owing to the large crowd of onlookers photographing themselves posing in front of it. Upon inquiring, the elderly man informed him that the dog was named Hachiko that was owned by a professor at the local university. The dog used to accompany the professor to and from the train station on his daily trips between home and the university. Each day, Hachiko would accompany his owner to the train station in the morning and patiently await his return the same afternoon. One day, the professor died while at work leaving Hachiko waiting patiently in the same spot awaiting his return. Hachiko loyally continued his daily trips to and from the train station for five years awaiting the return of his owner until he himself passed. Onlookers curious to the dog’s daily regimen would take Hachiko home with them. Brad’s own dogs passed in a similar manner, two months following the passing of his stepfather. Three dogs. The parallels between the two stories served as the initial inspiration for the idea behind Little Brooklyn. The personalities of all three dogs into the character of Little Brooklyn. Friendship, loyalty. Designed three years ago. Displayed this piece at a show. Created a large toy for the show, inviting other influential artists and designers to create their own custom versions of Little Brooklyn. The pieces were auctioned, fetching prices as high as $3,000. At subsequent show during Fashion Week, collaborated with Espirit to host charity event with forty fashion designers creating their own individual versions of a plush doll. Miami Fashion week w/Visionnaire at Arrive. Perception of Little-Brooklyn. Comparisons to Hello Kitty, the male version.”

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be excited about the MyArtPlot movement. I heard that there are some good people behind it. Keep this on to a few people. Most don’t know about the movement just yet.

----- Joshua D. 11.08.06 12:55

Just a quick fix. Hachiko is in front of Shibuya station in tokyo. He’s the number one meeting spot for people coming there, so he’s always mobbed. Even the signs in the station say “Hachiko Exit”. Cool figure, I’d like to see a smaller one.

----- Mark 10.08.06 23:03

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