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Personal DNA- 08.30.06

Personal DNA - another psych profiling online quiz - but glossy and pretty - and possibly more thought out than most as far as taking into account the UI as well as the questions… It makes great use of what the web has to offer… most intriguing to me is the beaker of green goo (how cliche science lab?) that you need to empty into the various sliders accordingly. It certainly changes how you visualize the choices you make… Anyhow, give it a go - feel free to post what you are, always curious who reads this. Not sure if i love their output (the dna strip and there is a square that is kind of Mondrian meets TV Static) - or that their logo looks like it might be flipping me off… but the styling of this test is worth a peek. Oh, and i’m an Advocating Creator in their books.


I’m a generous visionary, according to this!

----- stephanie 30.08.06 15:53

I’m a Dynamic Director.

----- Hopluv 30.08.06 17:09

Generous Builder, which is hardly fair as Visionary is way more exciting than Builder.

----- Colin 30.08.06 17:13

considerate creator here!

----- shadeelaine 30.08.06 17:16

animated leader

----- nussy 30.08.06 17:19

I’m a benevolent inventor.

----- JOE 30.08.06 17:20

…….Generous Inventor here !!!

----- shrini 30.08.06 17:21

I’m a little teapot.

----- PAT 30.08.06 17:21

It called me an Underachieving Abuser whose Dad beat him and always told him he was worthless, driving him to a life of broken relationships and a porous septum. Someone must have put some serious work into that algorithm.

----- Amit 30.08.06 19:15

Haha generous visionary too!

----- Larry 30.08.06 19:17

reserved creator here and I would have to agree but I’m working on the reserved part.

----- Samantha 31.08.06 02:16

Advocating Idealist

----- Anonymous Coward 31.08.06 06:21

generous explorer? right.

----- rugenius 31.08.06 06:49

er…experiencer actually. even further off!

----- Anonymous 31.08.06 09:31

Animated creator!!

----- Tsu 31.08.06 09:45

generous director here

----- Jermacide 01.09.06 00:46

benevolent creator over here!

----- hfriend 05.09.06 21:08

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