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GOOD Party- 09.17.06

Dropped by the GOOD Magazine LA Launch Saturday night - and it was an interesting scene - the Bacardi and Pom were flowing (as well as Fiji Water and Pom Teas) - took place at St. Vibiana’s downtown (a historic converted cathedral) - had some really sweet flat packed looking benches/tables with trays of 1” buttons, plants, magazines ~ and an interesting mix of dj’s and live bands throughout the night…

For those who haven’t heard, Good Magazine is 26 year old Ben Goldhirsh’s newest venture, fueled by 12 under 25’s looking to change the world by creating their own media voice. [Check out the LATimes article] From a design standpoint - their layouts are really fun and worth taking a look at ~ lots of WIRED-esque information visualization (although i must admit, some of it slightly over the top for readability), great photography spreads, and love the typography (clean & strong). One of my favorite aspects of the premier issue? MORE PARTY ANIMAL stickers. (full scan below).



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