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Pop Cling Tags- 09.19.06

New Tags launched on the sides of NOTCOT! This time we are sponsored by Pop Cling, which brings the art of local artists into your home in the form of high quality adhesive prints. This Costa Mesa, CA based company supports great local artists like Madsteez and Ben Collison to name a few. While this trend of moving away from traditional wallpaper and framed art has evolved into vinyl sticker graphics and magnetic wallpaper to let you fully customize your spaces ~ it fascinates me that Pop Cling has taken it to the next level by creating full art pieces to can simply stick wherever you please. One of my favorite pieces is Ben Collison’s Flower Girl, which they sent me to try out ~ review below! So, explore the tags! And see some of the different pieces they have, and some creative places to stick them up ~ all pieces are printed in limited runs and come with numbered certificates of authenticity.

Took some pics of the process of mounting the Flower Girl piece - and it really is like applying a gigantic sticker… hard part is keeping bubbles from forming, so they give you a spatula to help smooth it out as you go. While my application of it is not exactly what they illustrate on their site, i’m perhaps a bit of a commitment-phobe, and couldn’t decide where on a wall i could live with it forever! Their instructions mention that these prints are meant for permanent installation, so be careful when planning where you want to place it. So, mounted it on this gorgeous piece of wood… and i am loving the way her vibrant colors float on the texture of the finished wood grain. There is a lot of potential in these pieces, and i’m in love with the idea - the right stickers could even be great to be used to decorate a car!





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That looks awesome !!!

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