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Wawali- 09.28.06

On water…. Water packaging is hot these days. Why? I’m not quite sure ~ we’ve always had fancy water. But now fancy water packaging is taking the form of what looks like flasks (Fred and SEI) and even Martini Shakers? So in the theme of oO’s water list on ThisNext, and Sean even ripped off his list and added more normal and less designy waters to his ThisNext list… So i had to highlight Wawali, “12 waters, 9 countries, one source”, which has the best of the gorgeous water i’ve been seeing around… and a fun .org like interface (well polaroid-y look) via CoolHunter.


Nice find! From a design point of view, I love the 1Litre bottles from Canada, with the integrated drinking glass. I’m adding it to my water list!

----- oO 28.09.06 10:36

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