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Widescreen Intuos- 09.05.06

I3WideFormatFamily.jpgWacom announces the new WIDESCREEN Intuos 3 line. Funny thing is that while i’ve been working with my old massive first gen Intuos tablet with the 23” Studio display, i never really considered why i had issues when i set it proportional to the screen… and it all just clicked now. And i guess i kind of want a widescreen tablet to go with my widescreen! Pity they aren’t stretch to desired proportion… maybe the next gen will be!

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Nice, I just bought one of these and had no idea it was new to the line. Perfect for multi-monitors, hooray.

----- hfriend 05.09.06 21:06

hopefully the next gen of females will be stretch to desired proportion as well.

----- Amit 05.09.06 16:15

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