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POST 1000! ~ complex prob solving- 10.20.06

Can you believe this is the 1000th post on NOTCOT.com? It kind of feels more exciting than a birthday. (granted i’m behind in projects, overworked, and working on this friday night… i guess part of me wishes i had a reason to escape and celebrate something!)

Anyhow, thought a good 1000th post is this Art of Complex Problem Solving that Asvetic posted to .org… because problem solving is no easy task, but evolving .com and .org have kept me on my toes and constantly finding new problems to solve and things to learn. And seriously - how gorgeous are these images? Some of the most impressive uses of rollovers i’ve seen lately. Great content, presented beautifully…

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I’ll have to consult an etiquette 2.0 book to see what the proper gift is for 1000 post anniversaries. But, let me say very well done. I’ve enjoyed all 1000 of them. Take Saturday night off.

----- Rand 21.10.06 22:10

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