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Blossfeldt Fractals- 11.02.06

As much as i love Tord Boontje’s vectory tendrils of naturally inspired goodness, the Blossfeldt Fractals d*s featured today blew me away. Something about science and art merging perfectly grabs me. 1920’s-1930’s photography meets a brilliant algorithm is simply gorgeous… “Blossfeldt Fractals are a dynamic composition of plant forms, based on photographs by Karl Blossfeldt, and generated through algorithms similar to Lindenmayer System.” Truly incredible are HOW this is accomplished, see below. Great video walking you through his process as well as the gallery.

Excerpt from the site:

Photographs by Karl Blossfeldt are both resource and inspiration in my project. His photos are scanned and manually edited in Photoshop to clear its background.

Then I create a custom software to import these images and tag the points of interest in them. I mark points where stems or leaves or flowers may grow, specify the magnitude and direction of each point, and classify each image by its shape and texture.

This “visual” coding is analogous to L-System’s grammatical rules, which can be integrated into recursive algorithms. The data is saved as an xml file.

I created another custom software that reads the xml data, performs affine transformation and image processing functions, and generates a dynamic composition of plant form. Plants of different species, shapes, and textures attune to each other, and come together as a unified composition.

You MUST check out the VIDEO and the gallery.



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