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Fiat 500- 11.04.06

Wow, is the Fiat 500 really getting a retro makeover? How very mini-like. I have an on going love affair with the classic fiat cinquecento… my first time in Milan, i was wandering the Duomo square one sunday morning and there were HUNDREDS of classic cinquecentos filling it. It was AMAZING to say the least, ran off to find a disposable camera, or ANYTHING (this was before i learned to carry cameraphone, waterproof digicam, and the rebel around)… came back and they were all GONE. I wasn’t dreaming, i just happened to catch the last half hour of the Fiat 500 Club meeting. It was completely surreal.

So, i’ve spent this morning indulging in all the toys over at the Fiat 500 countdown site (only 314 days left!) Where you can design your own, even submit your own ideas to them… and check out DesignBoom’s competition with them… judges are giorgio armani, fashion designer, luca cordero di montezemolo, president of the fiat group, jasper morrison, industrial designer, gabriele salvatores, film director, and luca trazzi, designboom.

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Fantastic car!!! 500blog

----- mike 11.05.07 07:20

Hi, thinking of defecting from kombis and buying my first 500! Still prefer all the old original cars against the new but it looks great!

----- iain 03.05.07 15:34

have u seen in the official website www.fiat500.com how u can personalised your car????it will be very difficoult, after the 15th september, see 2 new fiat 500 similar..

----- scarface 01.02.07 03:59

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s an unbelievible revisitation of the old 500…they say it will be ready on the 15th sept..in the official website www.fiat500.com they present the car and create amusing competions..like pimp your own version of the 500, sing jingles..take a look!!

----- martin 16.01.07 11:45

Fantastic car! Here you will find more images http://500blog.blogspot.com/

----- thomas 04.12.06 03:11

Yes, is a very Mini-like operation… in last years Fiat don’t create great products, but copy its from others.

----- ELMANCO / Stefano Ricci 06.11.06 10:44

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