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Gifts for Your Indie Ninja- 11.23.06

So, this holiday season it seems like the internet is ready to shove gift guides down your throat… and they aren’t always all that fun… (trust me, as an avid shopper, and thisnext gift guide section designer, i did FAR too much gift guide perusing this week)… SO in my 5am Thanksgiving morning state, it decided it was time to try my hand at some more ridiculously playful shopping guides… So here is my Indie Ninja Gift Guide. Why? Because indie ninja’s are people too- and not the easiest people to shop for at that- and black will always be the new black- especially shiny glossy black. people, just look at history. Why should you buy your indie ninja a present? the real question is why WOULDN’T you want to make your indie ninja happy? Pissy ninja’s are bad news. See the full Gifts For Your Indie Ninja.

UPDATED!!! 11/28/06

So when i posted this crazy mix of all things black and designy… i will give in and admit, that if asked i didn’t really know WHAT exactly the indie ninja was. BUT, apparently someone else out there does, and once having read Caroline McCarthy’s description over at Cnet’s Crave, i will have to say, i couldn’t have said it better myself.

“And then there are Indie Ninjas, which Notcot recently devoted some attention to. We all know at least one or two of them. They’re too geeky to be hipsters, a little too off-center to be straight-up geeks, and they have some weird interests. Maybe they’re really into Homestar Runner, still play Mortal Kombat all the time, have a thing for samurai flicks, and have nicknamed you “Splinter.” But most importantly, they will violently lash out at anyone who thinks that ninjas are inferior to pirates. Not even Johnny Depp in Captain Jack Sparrow mode could defeat a ninja, according to Indie Ninjas.”

Now the real question is… is SHE the indie ninja? am i? are you?

And for the record, as much as i love indie ninjas, i am still a big fan of dinosaurs and pirates… cliche. i know. And now, who else to make gift guides for? The Emo Pirate?

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