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If we don’t…- 11.28.06

If you don’t preserve nature by switching off your computer, who will?

The Publicis Counseil did an incredible ad campaign for EDF. Incredible submission, i can’t get over the photography or the message… view all four ads in full below (click to view larger).





images via here.


thanks. this post just made my day. what a fantastic campaign. =)

----- rugenius 28.11.06 05:56

ahhh! penguins… but very nice. I’ll be checking my roof for the meerkats

----- oO 28.11.06 14:30

Brilliant! Especially the penguin one.

----- Joe 29.11.06 10:56

I love this!!! Thank you.

----- Catherine 29.11.06 15:20

The art direction is good


the animals seems like out of the place.
It seems odd to be in the house when they should be in the wild.

Feels that the idea good push further

----- Jason 30.11.06 03:25

Great Ads… but I gotta say, love that office. I wonder where they got that chair?

----- Andrew 30.11.06 08:57

I saw the penguin image first and I thought it was an ad for Linux before I read the text.

I think the ads are very clever and well put together.

----- Ben 03.12.06 12:29

“the animals seems like out of the place.
It seems odd to be in the house when they should be in the wild.”

thats the whole idea of the campaign, its meant to provoke thought.

----- steve 03.12.06 15:53

gotta love ultra left propaganda such as this.

gotta love it.

----- sean 03.12.06 17:21

This is not a partisan issue. This an issue for anyone that cares about the health of our environment.

Very nice ads as well. They make you both think and smile.

----- Timb 04.12.06 21:41

SEAN, what kind of jerk are you? You can’t simply ignore the fact of tropical rainforests getting cut down, global warming an so on. And if it’s too late, you’ll simply say, “Oh, it’s too late to stop it now anyway, I’ll continue driving my 4x4.” or what?

----- SBJF 05.12.06 10:22

Why do you associate environmental protection with leftist politics? Sustainability is progressive, if its associated with TQM and lean management… but individuals don’t understand… tragedy of the commons… As long as you associate this with leftist politics you have 50% of the world that isnt on your side.

----- BJ 09.12.06 19:13

Awesome..super cool! I specially loved the way they’ve been shot..

----- SAUMYA 08.01.07 04:58

Nice one…. look closer, I think they’re CGI. Very cool, tho.

----- Alan the Great 08.03.07 09:37

….people. The reason animals seem out of place is because they are. That’s what we call “a point”. It’s getting people to realize, “Well that’s just silly. If I don’t animals sure won’t (because that’s out of place *GASP*) so that means I probably should!”

----- Anonymous 25.03.07 20:06

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