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More AQ Hayon- 11.06.06

Also from the AQ Hayon Collection, are tables, lamps, sinks, mirrors and more. There is something so gorgeous about these sleek stiletto like silhouettes that i can’t stop looking at, especially in the lacquered black and silver against a matte white. And the mirror… love the ornate yet simplistic feel of all of these pieces… something strangely delicate about them.




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If you download their PDF catalog at the end there is an address for a showroom in barcelona with another website and some phone numbers…they’re for Barcolna Spain though.

----- Mary 07.12.06 18:06

i’m having the same problem. There are no contact details on site or list of stockist details, so where can you purchase the mirror???

Any suggestions, please let me know


----- Anonymous 20.11.06 03:59

OMG—! I too am in LOVE with this stuff….but unfortunately, I have had a very difficult time making contact with them via email, and the website does not seem to provide a phone number. If anyone can suggest an “insider” way of connecting with these guys, PLEASE let me know! Many thanks, jennifer

----- jennifer in the US 07.11.06 09:41

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