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PitoTubes- 11.13.06

Pitotubes “It’s Rocket Science for your Packing”. Been testing these new packing tubes out lately, which are perfect for anyone flying, trying to deal with that under 3oz’s/only what you can fit in a 1 quart ziploc rule. Pitotubes was founded by Alisa Caviness-Driscoll, who grew up living and sailing in the Caribbean and worked as a flight attendant to feed her passion for travel. The unique aspect of these bottles is that they are airless (and leakproof!) ~ much like the ones you’ll get in some higher end cosmetic products… as you pump the contents out, the base rises up. My one issue, is that aesthetically, the images looked as if they might be glass/metal, but they are plastic - if there was a more understated model, that might be nice.

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Simone…on my two newest sets of Pitotubes, both the ounces and milliliters are printed right on the lower section of the bottles - on the front in plain view.

And for Nicole, I can speak only for my own, but I have three 6 bottle kits and none of my bottles have ever leaked. Even the oldest ones, and I travel extensively.

----- Jamie 09.07.08 11:46

OMG!!!! SOME security person SOMEWHERE…MIGHT!…be over zealous and object to Pitotubes. ROTFLMAO!

If we all lived in that much fear, no one would ever travel anywhere…or eat anything…or dare speak up to voice an opinion…etc. etc. etc. No one would have the courage to live.

I’ve traveled with Pitotubes and the only problem I’ve had with security was when the security person held me up to find out where she could buy them.

I love Pitotubes and won’t travel without them anymore. For that matter, I use them on a daily basis because I tote them around with me.

That pipe bomb comment is hilarious! I’ve seen it on another site, so either someone is on a mission to trash Pitotubes or a copycat commenter.

----- Jamie 09.07.08 11:40

I’m interested in getting them, but I heard that they leak. I wonder if it is just a random few that malfunctioned or if it was user error?

----- nicole 13.06.08 16:31

Anyone ever had a problem with security not accepting these bottles because of not being clearly labeled with the number of ounces?

----- Simone 11.12.07 22:02

I love this product. I’ve permanently trhrown away the plastic bottles I kept purchasing and writing on with a sharpie. These Pitotubes come with beautifully designed labels as well, soemthing not mentioned by other reviews here. The mesh bags are great- easy for security to see through and fashionable… everyone I’ve gifted with this product loved it.

----- Angela 25.11.07 21:50

Pitotubes are clear plastic and come in a variety of sizes — all under the 3.5 ounce FAA, TSA and Federal Homeland Security Airport Security Clearance rules and carry-on restriction guidelines — to give leak-free alternatives to travel size personal care items.

I’ve used these since the day they were available. I’ve never been hassled by any TSA agents. I’ve been complimented on them many time though.

----- Travis 07.01.07 04:32

I have bought alot of these and they are worth it. I think that bomb idea is just crazy.

I would give this product 8 out of 10.
The price seems a little 2 high.

----- John 10.12.06 21:56

I almost feel like these might cause you more trouble than just a plain plastic bag - there’s bound to be overzealous airport security somewhere who are going to say that one of these looks like a pipe bomb or something.

----- Mike 13.11.06 07:19

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