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Saint USB- 11.02.06

“Computers as a new religion… Oh Maria Keep my data safe! A USB Virgin that you plug into your computer and hope for the best.” 2004 RCA Student project by Luis Esalva Aloy is too funny. I’d keep her between my Mimobot and my parking goddess.

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Hello I would like to get a usb saint.How can I get it.Please could you tell me the price and the memory??
Thank you very much

----- Cesar 16.11.07 01:40

you can buy it at http://www.maria-usb.de

----- Chris 11.11.07 07:44

You can get it at: www.maria-usb.de

----- Roman 02.10.07 02:14

You can get MARIA at http://www.maria-usb.de

----- Mateo 28.09.07 14:00

Cool! were can i get it !!!

----- Claus dk 10.02.07 03:50

Mmm, sacrelicious.
I’ll stick with my cheap Kingston stick for now, thanks.

----- daedal 03.11.06 05:05

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