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Design Sketching- 12.20.06

There are two reasons i fell in love with industrial design - the products - and the sketching. From the first time i did intro to ID and watching the RISD kids do marker renderings when we were bored, jetlagged, and a few bottles of wine into the night… i was mesmerized… and i found again when in the Nissan design studios that i could sit and watch those guys sketch on paper and cintiqs for hours like it was magic…

So whether you’re a designer, or a lover of the behind the scenes process of these objects we love… i just noticed Design Sketching over at IDGrid. What makes this book unique is that it is the product of 24 very talented design students of Sweden’s Umeå Institute of Design - with the goal to “inspire and teach sketching by displaying a broad collection of examples of all the large variety of sketches that are useful in the design process. ” The authors, Erik Olofsson and Klara Sjölen graduated in 2005, and founded this publishing group to get this book out there - so support your fellow design students! It looks like an inspiring one to add to the design library.

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