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It’s Practically 2007- 12.23.06

HAPPY nearly 2007!!! Or rather - wow we’ve all come a long way! And in our nostalgia driven week, Shade Elaine and i started digging through our college files… and found a bunch of old comics and characters she created over the last few years that few have seen. So here they are - in the tags - a comic digest of sorts - NOTCOT style… my suggestion? start in the gallery and flip your way through… click the images to view larger as always. Enjoy. And grazie mille for giving us such an amazing 2006, you know i kid not when i say it wouldn’t have been the same with out you all!

(oh, and no worries, while every other blog seems to be taking a few days for the holidays, looks like what i do when i have time to breathe a little, is wander around and find more design/innovation that gets me giddy.)


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