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RedStart Design- 12.06.06

redStartJewelry.jpg Remember the “Subtle Safety Ring” by RedStart? It’s the ring that folds out into a brass knuckle-like formation. I saw it awhile back and wanted it so badly but never got around to actually buying it. Well now the ladies at the San Francisco-based jewelry design company have a new version of the ring that’s part silver, part red acrylic, and I have to say I’m a little tempted to get it even though it doesn’t appear to fold out. (I can’t seem to find the all silver version anymore and I wonder if it’s because of laws about brass knuckles..?) This ring ranks very high up there on my list of jewelry that has a dangerous side. They also have a sweet collection of jewelry called the Bone Series whose pieces “call attention to the body, its curves and bones.” I love the bracelet!


Most metalsmiths will do custom orders and commissions, even for designs that may have come and gone. If you want it badly enough, contact the artists and request a custom made ring of that particular design. Good luck! And thank you for posting so many amazing jewellers :)

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