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Leibovitz takes on Disney- 01.27.07

Breathtaking new ad campaign for Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams’, featuring photography by genius Annie Leibovitz, and Scarlett Johansson, Beyoncé, David Beckham, Lyle Lovett, and Oliver Platt. My favorite tagline “Where imagination saves the day.” These photographs reignite my love of fairy tales, myths, fables ~ and are a great example of how universal these ideals are… who doesn’t smile at the sight of them?

“Befitting a true princess, Johansson wears a stunning, one-of-a-kind Harry Winston tiara – a dazzling piece in platinum with more than 62 carats of sparkling diamonds and valued at $325,000. The dress worn by Johansson is a custom-made, Cinderella-inspired gown designed by Nicoletta Santoro.” WOW. And when can you find these in print? “The campaign premieres as a special insert in the March issues of Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, W, The New Yorker, Conde Nast Traveler and Cookie.”

Full images and a few behind the scenes shots below… and would you believe i first heard about this via Wii News Channel?

The Ads: Click to view larger… or here for super high res/wallpaper sized files.




Annie Leibovitz, in the Harry Winston $325,000 tiara.

Beckham - behind the scenes

“Leibovitz, who will soon dress another set of celebrities as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Little Mermaid Ariel.” Oooooooh there will be MORE… excerpt from the USA Today article.


I can not stand Annie, her photos are just so far away from reality - some call it dreamy and full of creativity - some other call it lame and there are comapnies seem to have way to much money on their hands!

----- Random Good Stuff 28.01.07 04:38

far away from reality?
that may be, but in this case it’s absolutely perfect for what she’s trying to do. the pictures are for Disneyland. i think they look fantastic.

----- hannah 28.01.07 17:00

These photos are great. The unrealistic nature makes them so much fun IMO. I hope Scarlett Johansson doesn’t ever do any movie scenes in the buff, she really is the sweetest little princess (although look what happened to Anne Hathaway!)

Anita ;)

----- Say No to Crack 29.01.07 13:18

such a bad layout! i agree with previous that they have too much money. who gives a what for this self-referencing tripe. i thought annie was an artist. esquire thinks so. beyond that? effete…that’s a good word to describe it. on many levels. not only is it base in it’s grandiloquence but commercial (meant for and appreciated by philistines) really, why put this on your site?

----- W.A. 29.01.07 19:03

I am a photographer myself, and Annie Leibovitz has produced, by far, the best photographs ive ever laid my eyes on. Her eye for lighting perfects each and every picture she takes. I would pay thousands to just shadow her on one shoot to watch how she works.

----- Micah 11.02.07 19:07

mad photographs :)

----- bec 13.02.07 14:52

bahahahahah shit im bored as mad photographs

----- beckrahh 20.02.07 15:00

mad good photographs :]

----- Mayaaaaaaaa 23.02.07 09:54

Is this work fine art or purly just commercialism? What do you think?

----- Sandra 25.02.07 21:02

these pics are FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

when im a celebrity ill pose for the disney character pictures.

----- Erin 27.02.07 11:14

Just because a company has too much money, time, or one of your many other trivial complaints, does not mean it is not art, or fantastic art at that. And yes, it takes $money$ to produce this art. But, why is that your first complaint. Does that make it “less” fantastic, or just more complicated.
The dreamy affect is intentional. As an artist myself, I feel that “intentional” art is the hardest to capture. An accidental, or perfect timing, make perfect images, but something as thought through as this is inherently tricky. The pieces are amazing.
If you took away the celebrities and put in “joe” the pictures would be equally as great. Don’t let the money and “superficial” details fool you. The pictures are still dreamy and fantastic.

----- Torrey 28.02.07 16:04

Love it! Annie Lleibovitz is just the perfect person to take on this project. She has talent coming out her camera lenses - she’s so good! Yay for Disney for making a smart choice here.

----- c-web 11.03.07 19:24

I love Disney movies and i think these ads are great. Annie is an artist and really knows how to represent her subjects. I love Beckham as Aurora’s Prince. Perfect advertising technique.

----- Cassie 21.03.07 00:24

The images illustrate and communicate the
fantacy of Disneyland. If someone is willing
to give Ms Leibovitz $500k for her work
then that someone must believe she is a very
talented image maker.
I believe she is an excellent communicator
and deserves the money she gets for her
consistant creative homeruns. No one is born
a photographer, I’m sure she has sacrificed
a lot to make her images the best she can.

----- kris 22.03.07 15:41

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