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Peer Pressure- 01.25.07

PEER PRESSURE! The latest from Alice Wang (of Audio Sticks and Pet Plus) - this time she takes on the issue of peer pressure and how it relates to the public and private aspects of your persona. Oh come on, on SOME level you kind of sort of care what people think about you.

So here is Peer Pressure, which is currently on display at RCA ~ including double sided headphones (for when you want to listen to embarrassing music on the inside, but project ANYTHING else outward), popular mobile (because constantly getting sms’ means you’re popular), fast typing keyboards… and more. Details and closeups below. (And you know i also love this project for its stark black and white look.)

In her own words…. here’s what Alice sent over…

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something we live with since the moment we are born. It is something that encourages us to fit in and be like everyone else. As we grow older, we gradually develop a secondary personality for the public self, leaving the private, the real personality only for our loved ones.

Social psychology explains how people unconsciously compare one’s own attitudes, values, interests and personality with others. Those with a high similarity are likely to develop into interpersonal attractions, leading onto friendships or romantic relationships.

However, not everyone has the potential or enthusiasm to act through their life just to impress others. Can products be designed to create these similarities for you? And can these products create the perfect secondary personality for us?

- double sided headphone
For when you want to listen to embarrassing music but worried people near you can hear it too. It plays one track inwards and one track outwards simultaneously.

- popular mobile
A phone that keeps pretending to receive text messages to make you look popular in public.

- fast typing keyboard
When you are in your office cubicle, your colleagues often can’t see but can vaguely hear you. This keyboard is designed for those who are worried about getting laughed at about typing too slow.

-positive printer
This print helps generate positive rumours about you in the office. It filters your email inbox and automatically prints out all your positive emails. When your colleagues pick up their print from the shared printer, they accidentally see your print and gets the gossip going.

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2 Notes

i love how “innocent” they look yet so evil deep down inside! brilliant project!

----- mia 21.07.07 12:14

awesome. that looks disturbingly like my phone, if only mine came with built-in popularity.

----- rugenius 26.01.07 00:00

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