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Wii-fest- 01.05.07

Just a quick update - been a little quiet/all over the place this week… because last week i got bored and drove up to SF for what ended up being a week (freshly back in socal now) - and well, on the way up, happened upon a target that had wii’s and Shade Elaine (and everyone we know in SF) and i have been having quite a bit of fun with that. If you haven’t tried it yet, get one! I hate to admit its much sweeter than i thought (although i must say nintendo was brilliant to stick it on that slanted stand, but if you put the wii lying down, it really is JUST another external drive… with a blue glow) So yes, between all the bowling, boxing, rabbid rabbiting (best game EVER), zeldaing, and mii-making… we are big fans of the wii here at notcot. [Oooh, and if you haven’t seen the wii site, the videos of “real people” playing are great. And i love these stills that the penny arcade boys did for Raving Rabbids.)

SEND US SOME Miis! I know you guys are a creative bunch, so, feel like sharing some miis? email/comment us.

Also on the technology note… will be heading over to vegas Mon-Weds for CES… and will update you on what gorgeous goodies i find. Will probably be avoiding posting the 100”+ lcd tvs, etc etc… but they are certainly drool worthy in person. Anyone else coming?


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This guy has an impressive collection of 100 miis…. granted most are part of the massive ZOMBIE ARMY… still some great ones… loving his einstein.


I’d love to send you my mii, but you’d be better off in checking http://www.miiplaza.net ;-o)

----- Alan Eagle 05.01.07 11:18

I am going to be at the CES ….

Fancy some beer?

----- Random Good Stuff 06.01.07 00:38

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