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G Pure Orange Blossom- 02.22.07

Nothing beats one of those rainy doldrum days quite like an unexpected package waiting outside the door. Especially one quite so SHINY. And actually, when it contains energy drinks, that certainly helps one perk up quite nicely. G Pure Energy and those brilliant VOSS designers sent over this large shiny volume that when opened exposes two of their latest flavor - Orange Blossom. I just chugged the first one while typing and photoshopping this, and it is the best flavored energy drink i’ve tried yet. But then again, i maybe be a bit biased, since i do love a good orange flavored drinks… More images below of the fun packaging as well as some random shots for my rainy day amusement.







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I live in Arizona and would like to get some of this, where can I buy it.

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Tammy Keene

----- Tammy 25.04.07 18:22

Honestly, I love VOSS. And a great orange flavored drink. So all in all, you’re in uberluck.

----- Paige 11.04.07 23:52

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