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Grain- 02.14.07

I just discovered japanese publisher, BNN, Inc.’s Pattern series today, and splurged on the $49 Grain… and it was completely worth it. For any designers who love having high res royalty free stock that comes in gorgeous books (there is something about the 8.5” shape, nice matte cover, high quality color pages) with cd slot in the back… (aka fellow Pepin Press collectors)… you will LOVE this Pattern Series.

One of the things that impressed me most about this series is that the jpgs are more navigable than the Pepin Press series (which go by page numbers) ~ there is an .htm file on the disc that gives you a nice way to browse thumbnails of all of the files (images below). A bit pricey at 49$ for 100 royalty free jpeg files compared to the Pepin books… the books truly are gorgeous. And the Grain volume in particular caught my eye, although i’m not yet sure what i will make from these 1600x1600 wood grains… Other titles in the pattern series in clude butterflies, soviet style, animal prints, plaids, camouflage, and more.

GRAIN Cover image

This is a screenshot of the thumbnail browsing ~

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