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OMOP- 02.17.07

Ooooh i feel like the packaging/design gods have smiled upon us ~ with the OMOP. The name alone rings nicer than iPod even. Latest from Method Home ~ again blending form, functionality, and earth friendliness… with breathtaking packaging as always. This is the sexier and supposedly better swiffer for discerning tastes. I love that method says that they think a mop can be hip and sexy ~ not to mention ergonomic and less wasteful. So lots of pictures below of more packaging… like the starter kit at target.


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unfortunately our beautiful and fun omop has a design flaw that causes it’s rubber handle to break off. I’ve seen other references to this problem on the web. Too bad, we’d been mopping much more often.

----- Mikhail 10.02.08 00:03

Just dropping a note to say I did a little unboxing ceremony for my Omop, just posted today. Enjoy!


----- neonarcade 24.02.07 16:24

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