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WAGS- 02.14.07

WAGS Boutique ~ the british reality tv show over at ITV… ” For 13 weeks, the girls (more used to maxing out their credit cards than swiping other people’s) will swap shelf-browsing for shelf-stacking as they set up and run two rival fashion boutiques in central London. From designing the stores and selecting stock to marketing and perfecting their sales technique, the ten WAGs will require determination, flair and a head for business to succeed.”

Tobias Carlson and partner at M&C Saatchi London made some fun visuals to go with the show… (more below)… the Chihuahua Urinal in particular cracks me up… although i cant imagine that going over well as boys are stumbling home from the bars? Fun campaign.





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----- bay 24.04.07 21:02

brilliant! i have unfortunately been subjected to WAG boutique and can confirm that is every bit as horrible as it sounds. but the rat-dog urinals are pretty hilarious (btw, isnt that a chinese crested?).

----- rugenius 16.02.07 06:02

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