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Arrange- 03.30.07

Also from the brilliant folks at Every Space Design ~ and continuing on the CA Boom trend of living art/furniture… here is Arrange ~ a cute little bamboo shelf, with a grid of test tubes for you to arrange flowers, etc in accordingly… as the shelf to put your keys in, i know i’d probably have a pen and pencil taking up a tube or two in no time! Also fun was their booth itself, which went for the ultimate in simplicity using sharpies on butcher paper to label each piece (more images below).





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Hi love the shelves do you custom make ? if not do you know anybody that does using bamboo.Thanks Maria

----- maria 30.06.07 20:06

Apart from the stuff thats awesome, I love the display and the labelling!!

----- Saumya 09.04.07 23:44

Fantastic Way to plant plants

----- Angelina ------ 05.04.07 11:40

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