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Endorphins @ NOTCOT- 03.13.07

Endorphins are the feel good hormones… you know you love em… they give you that happy high. And who would have thought that you could sculpt them out of resin for a similar effect? Well the pictures made me smile enough… but i just received the sweetest package from Dave Pressler today with a set of 4 Endorphins from his latest show at Munky King ~ and as much as i love collectible toys, i HAD to open one… its living just below my monitor next to my mimobot… and in reality ~ that grin is even more contagious than you can imagine, when you can actually hold them in your hands. Big thanks to Dave, these endorphins gave me just the energy boost i needed today!



i couldn’t stand it ~ they are so ridiculously cute and contagiously energetic for a chunk of resin… i had to open one.

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Seems we’ve had similar ideas. Nice work. Take a look at www.justdoendorphins.com and let me know what you think.
Best Wishes with your website!

----- graham 21.03.07 04:38

Hey there Jean,
Glad you like them! Take them all out of the box!
For any one who is interested there are still some left at www.munkyking.com Thanx again!

----- Dave Pressler 14.03.07 10:20

I would really like be one or some, anyone know where?

----- Andrea 13.03.07 18:49

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