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Rabbid Portraits- 03.13.07

Rayman’s Rabbids in combination with the Wii changed my life. (And now there is also a wii off to change Pres Rodriguez’s life out in Florida ~ CONGRATS! to our wii winner). That being said, anyone who has yet to experience the insanity of the Rabbids on the wii, get to it! So, i finally did a mini shoot with my vinyl Rabbids… and they were too fun not to share, more below.






p.s. any guy who surprises a girl with rabbids for valentine’s day is definitely a keeper. these silly little rabbids make me far too happy… but seriously, how could you NOT smile when you see them?

yes. that is my favorite kid next door.

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I want grand father

----- Viktor 05.04.11 13:59

i want it badly!

----- Yadna 31.05.08 08:01

Do you know if they’re still available? Hey, do you have a flickr? Have I not added you? Oh snaps, look up Saki-waki if you get a chance.

----- Saki 31.10.07 20:43

I will buy one of these for triple of what they cost!! No quadruple!

----- Aaron 18.07.07 22:11

i have been looking for these rabbits since my boyfriend started playing raving rabbits - in fact it is the first game i liked to play ever!
if you would tell me, where to get them, you will enter my hall of fame…

----- alex 20.03.07 09:37


----- Mikey 18.03.07 20:48

I have been looking all over on where to buy these. Sounds like they are not availible yet. Where can you get these cute little guys?

----- pb 16.03.07 09:23

those rabbits remind me of the special ed character on MTV’s Crank Yankers…the show that Jimmy Kimmel co-produced…funny stuff. Either way they look great I would love to see the process of creating one of those characters.

----- How to start a clothing line from scratch 14.03.07 11:33

Where can I buy some of these?

----- beth 14.03.07 05:57

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (…) hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!…

hum… Hi Dude !

ive to say first im french n writting in english is hard for me, so sorry for anyone who dont understand me !

…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wonnnaaanananananaa…

hum… im feel so jalous today, so ungry… i want those rabbids too !

Could u tell me where can i find them ?

Thanks !

P.S : my girlfriend said that they r so cute ! GRRrrrrrrr…but i want it for me… only me ! (ahaha ! hihiihi)

M23 |


----- M23 14.03.07 05:17

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