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Dyson DC21 “Stowaway”- 04.29.07

Although this may look like an alien face hugger… and it *could* suck your face off… This is the new Dyson DC21 Stowaway. I know you can’t possibly be Dyson’d out by now (seeing as i recently posted the extensive Slim review and my visual rant on why all Dyson’s are giant sucking guns)… so below is another gratuitous mass of imagery showing you all those intimate details of why a Dyson is unlike any other designer vacuum to date.

When packaging counts - this box certainly jumps off the shelves. With the Stowaway standing out so brightly on the stark black background, its hard to miss… not to mention you can’t escape the fact that it is “the only canister that doesn’t lose suction.”

As far as unboxing goes, they certainly put enough time and effort into packing it as efficiently as possible… more pieces just kept coming out.

The vacuum itself was quite the sci-fi mess of coils of tubing, gun like extensions, huge wheels… and as you vacuum it follows you around with ease, quickly filling its canister with everything it can fit down the tube. This one is no joke when it comes to the whole “no loss of suction”, power it up and it practically takes off, dragging you across the floor… no surprise how quickly you can cover a room with it i suppose. It’s nice how every add on has its storage place as well (except the wood floor extension? Where is that supposed to go? I ended up just leaving that attached)

The design details make this piece far too fun: 1) BIG RED POWER BUTTON. 2) Retractable Cord. 3) The crazy power/hose connector. 4) The castle like edges of the hardwood floor adapter. 5) The tiny clip that holds the hose to the canister when coiled. What designer doesn’t swoon at the sight of such well thought out parts?

Now for the best part of all Dyson’s ~ the gun factor… aim and suck? Read more on this in the previous post about why Dyson’s are the ultimate gamer/tech vacuums

Bottom line: The sucking power is no joke. Your house, apt, car, dog, child, will never be cleaner. While both this model and the Slim are a bit on the loud side (just below leaf blower perhaps?) - they certainly get the job done, and are far more fun in all respects. And while i felt like i was actually controlling the Slim while vacuuming, the Stowaway really did feel like it had a life of its own as it raced across the floor. Additionally for anyone with back issues, that ball joint is impressive… you barely have to bend over to get those hard to reach spots.

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7 Notes

Wow this was great! you did such a great job at explaing and showing the pictures the way you did, seriously thanks for takeing the time to explain it.
I have a question though, since you have other dyson cleaners will the power head from this dc21 fit on the end of the other dyson upright versions?
I have always wondered that cause to me it looks just like the turbo head they charge people $90 more for and I was just wonderering if its the same and if this would fit/work on there other upright hoses.

----- Rob 11.04.08 07:37

You presented this so beautifully! I went and and bought one based on your skills, Dyson should pay you!

----- Joe 04.02.08 17:38

my grandma is getting a dyson canister this monday icant wait! i i am getting one for christmas

----- vackid 23.08.07 12:43

I can’t even express how much I love the Dyson.

----- Geeksugar 01.05.07 15:59

You told me what it was and I’m still trying to figure out what it is….looks very different.

----- Clothing Line 01.05.07 11:40

the queston is: what are you doing with all those dysons? and will the level 3 rocket launcher fit?

by the way these are … very nice!

----- Nic 30.04.07 08:21

Impressive-looking, but it’s definitely on the expensive side.

----- Steel Frog 29.04.07 16:55

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