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Dyson FPS Cleaning- 04.20.07

Those are vacuums. Not screenshots from half life 2 gravity guns, etc. BUT, they COULD be. And better than real guns, these suck. Harder than any vacuum i’ve ever tried, but more to come on that on the proper unboxing and review.

Dysons are the gamer’s guns for cleaning… housework suddenly became a war on dirt (or anything that fits into its tubes) with their latest Slim and Stowaway, joining the ranks of the Root 6… together it is quite the arsenal… not to mention the clear canister that removes like the Ghostbusters’ Ghost Trap (you know, that thing that the proton guns zapped the ghosts into before transfer to the ecto containment unit in the basement).

Don’t believe me? See the pics (and token video at the way bottom) below… i may have may have gone slightly overboard, but it was too fun not to share (also, as bad as it is, and b/c i can’t resist - FPS = first person shooter? or in this case first person sucker?) Bottom line: how can you NOT have one of these in your house?






Is it not kind of like Ghostbuster’s DOOM?

It’s kind of like this when you hold it… only with a vacuum attached

As for the Ghost Trap like aspect of these vacuums…
The Dyson Slim’s canister:

The Dyson Stowaway canister:

and the Ghost Trap:

And as for my first attempt at trying to make a little video ~ this demonstrates the sweet kick stand on the Dyson Slim as you wheel around sucking things up.

OK ~ well granted i didn’t get a chance to tell you too much about the actual vacuuming of the Slim and Stowaway, more proper review and unboxing coming soon…

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Ahhh, we just joined the Cult of Dyson with a Slim too! I’ll freely admit that the design was an influence in the purchase too. If housework is a necessity, might as well be a distraction at the same time.

Although, I’m a rabid FPS guy - and I totally missed the influence!

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