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NOTCOT Buttons- 05.15.07

Where in the world are the NOTCOT buttons? Well, thats what i want to know, and a few people have sent pics back. (and for those who have recently put orders in, they are all in the mail! I’m doing batches about once a week) Miguel over in Spain has a post up on Evasee about his buttons that’s had me smiling all day. And Sara (Milano, Italia) sent in this cute shot of them… and Larry (Framingham, MA) has them on his bag strap already! More in the Gallery

And if you want buttons… see here. I will also probably have some with me in NY, but haven’t figured out how to distribute… any ideas?

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Get a big sheet of magnetic material, tape the top to one wall of your booth, stand back and start throwing the pins at the sheet!!

----- Eric Hair 17.05.07 15:52

We recently distributed some promotional buttons at a conference. Find some kind of card stock (we had thin, custom cardboard boxes made). Then find some foam CD hubs and stick them to your cardboard/card stock. You stick the pins into the foam hubs.

We were really happy with how ours turned out. Best of luck!

----- Katherine 17.05.07 10:39

I still haven’t received mine… they’re probably still on the go, it’s a long way to Brazil… But I promisse I’ll post and send you pix the minute I get them!

----- ematoma 16.05.07 07:39

Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy lately. I’ll try to get you pics of my buttons muy pronto! Thanks again!

----- David Ngo 16.05.07 03:07

Hi Jean, Thanks for your link, thanks for your words…
I´ll send you more pics coming soon!!!

PD. To distribute the buttons, I have an idea… rent a plane

----- evasee 16.05.07 01:10

:: Hey yall folks out there. ..
:: Ya know it´s a fucking weirsd name but i think it´s got a japanese meaning attached to it. ..I´m a brazilian guy…one of all kind of decentd thjat migtatte into this countryu after 2nd world war and I really woul aprecciate some og these reallly fancy button…in return I´’ll send you you guys some really fucking nice pics back. ..you can post the to myself at
:: Rua Desembargador Otavio do Amaral, 593 - Bigorrilho - 80130-400
:: Curitiba - PR - Brazil

----- KoOki Miyamoto 15.05.07 20:07

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