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VOTE for the Window- 05.15.07

It’s still Tuesday in most places! Hey everyone, sorry its been a bit slow, i’m not running the show on this one, and we’ve been a bit pressed for time ~ so BIG THANKS to Harry over at MocoLoco for making everything possible with the Design Blogfest coming up friday. SO, sadly only one design (or hopefully a series if Alice Wang’s Pet Plus products or Chris Dimino’s Typewriter series win!) get displayed in the window all through ICFF… but its up to YOU to vote. So please vote below! (I’m sure you can guess of those, which i’d love to see up there)… and for anyone who can’t make it, you can be sure i’ll take lots of pics for all of you.

The voting will remain open until 11:47pm EST tomorrow.

Not to make you too biased, but here’s what the sites involved ended up picking… and it was NOT EASY!

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The keyboard waffle maker! I WOULD BUY THAT!

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