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Gloo Man- 06.20.07

Gloo Man (and WOman) ~ From Pixels to Paper, Just Add GLOO! Business in the back, party in the front? Or vice versa depending which side is facing you… These guys have officially taken the bored at work paper toys to a whole new level… you can customize away online, and out comes the pdf. Then cut and paste your dual personality character and *poof* instant amusement. SO. CUTE. Let’s just say when your office runs out of magenta ink… hide your army of Gloo Persons.


If you could see it in real life, you’d know that her name tag says NOTCOT!



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yeah, readymech came up with the idea of making toys out of paper.

----- fazyluckers 07.07.08 09:25

Yeah dude, FWIS is awesomer than you are.

Plus we got pappy.



----- Trusticles 24.07.07 19:24

Hm, it is uncomfortably close to http://www.readymech.com/

----- Preshaa 24.07.07 14:34

This is a total rip of http://www.readymech.com/ made all the more shameful by the lack of acknowledgment by Gloo that the original idea wasn’t their own.

----- Adam 11.07.07 06:12

Neato! Not to look a gift er, Gloo Person in the mouth, but they need more choice for hair, shirts, and overall accessories.

----- The Slapster 22.06.07 10:22

I thought you all might like this site as well…


They also have paper people to build

----- Ryan Vernotico 20.06.07 07:02

YES!Go south africa,see…we make kick ass stuff, you dont even have to look hard anymore!

----- David 20.06.07 05:57

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