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Night Lab- 06.11.07

Introducing Night-Lab. The boyfriend site of Day-Lab (your go to place for gorgeous jewelry and other girly things). And it really is a boyfriend girlfriend team on these two sites… and Night-Lab claims to be for guys… although i found much i’m coveting… like this clock! This Perpetual Kid Half Time Clock, literally splits the time in two pieces… and doesn’t give up the critical parts of being a great clock: the cuckoo and the pendulum! I think i only really need that half. I’m also impressed its only 30$ here (45$ over at perpetual kid). And it’s cast in frosty porcelain. And it has gorgeous packaging ready for gifting. I’m also liking their funky tie selection (see some of my favs below)… and the fact that they have a graphics novel and comics section. (Girls like these things too!)

Side note: nice clean UI going on… i’m a new found fan of Ryan Baudoin’s work… see more over at his gorgeous portfolio site BoyCraft.


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