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Social Atelier- 06.15.07

Social Atelier had an Ethical Night Out tonight in Culver City ~ in a combination that no place can pull off quite like LA. Darfur Benefit + Ridiculously Comfy Tees + Provocative Typography + Fred Segal Man Pop Up Store + Men with no tees, but still typography + Cupcakes and Brownies + Larger than life pictures of hungry kids + Models sporting the 39” 19” 33” tanks + Acai Liquor flowing freely + MySpace Impact crew + and your usual LA social scene. *phew* Can you imagine that? Well if not, you can still picture it after the jump. It fit all things NOTCOT ~ art/design + fashion + food/drinks.

Talk about synergy, kismet, serendipity,… or do you not believe in coincidences? I caught up with Social Atelier’s Andrei Najar for a few moments, and it sounds like he and Ya’el Afriat’s idea to try to create change, instigate awareness, and make some great tees were meant to be. And all from dropping off a look book at Fred Segal Man, which happened loved the line so much they decided to not only take it on, but showcase it in their windows as well as launch this event with all proceeds of the shirts sold tonight going to benefit Darfur?

An Ethical Night Out Impact Cut


Some of the shirts ~ and the Social Atelier bag

Shirts or no shirts? They all had strong messages to get you thinking…


Fred Segal Man’s Pop Up Shop

There were speakers for a bit as well ~


A few more random snippets of the scene ~


There was a bit too much irony for me to stomach (literally) as cupcakes, brownies, and other hors d’oeuvres came around… let’s not forget what this was all about ~ go DO something!

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