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Want 2 B Square- 06.05.07

Ever go to a site that leaves you wishing there were more hours in the day just so you could spend more time on it? want2bsquare.com is doing that for me right now. It’s a site for the Toyota Scion xB which plays with the idea of turning all things boxy. They present you with a few different worlds to explore, and my favorite is Screen City. There’s so much to look at and play with (videos and mini games), and I’ve barely even scratched the surface!

Thanks to Melanie, who worked on some videos for the site (see here and here), for sharing it with us! Some of my favorites after the jump!


want2besquare_cubes.jpg Three sides of the cubical world



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you lot can shut up art is never crap, you just dont like it! i think if you take time to look at things closer you will realise there is more of a story behind it… and this tells a story, wether you can relate to it or not is ur own opinion, but i like the facctory.

i kind of like factories cos it just shows thata product goes through loads of different processes and stage and comes out looking like it odes is just like what we go through makes us what we are!

any way im babbling, but be critical by all means but dont be a dick!

----- charlotte carter 24.07.07 14:33

Haven’t even looked at the site yet….but that was an awesome wtf commercial! Brilliant! Instant google….hope it’s good!

----- jammerza 17.06.07 01:33

…what the heck is this crap…

what was that commercial?

----- Anonymous 15.06.07 00:21

this is very different ;-)

----- kristina 14.06.07 21:45

What is this for? I don’t understand… What’s the commercial about? What is it??

----- Grady 14.06.07 12:43

your commercial makes no sense

----- xavier garcia 12.06.07 21:31

wtf is this…it looks wierd

----- Anonymous 11.06.07 21:01

hey i dont get this website i just came on becuse of a comercial its vvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy lame hahahahahahahahahahahahha get some class

----- nkosa 07.06.07 18:01

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