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NOTCOT.org Roundup- 07.29.07

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Click the pics to see more! .org roundup! Today i’m rounding up things i heavily considered writing larger posts about, but have been too busy to? So here’s a quick note on them l-r, top to bottom after the jump.

1. Seagate user experience is an impressive mix of clean playful typography and design, particularly love the hello sticker on the bag, and how it has a coundown timer going in the corner of the pages.

2. Food as design while still food is absolutely brilliant (take a look at the 7-Step Cookie. Cookie with decoration that indicates how to bite it.)

3. That porsche is just sweet.

4+5. Fred takes on the key/bottle opener and the portable corkscrew - the combination certainly reminds me of the suck uk pair… but i think suck uk did the key better, although the bottle-biner may win.

6. Violin that is a gun. wow.

7. Interesting packaging design on the new sliding malboro box

8. Digg Labs has some really fun visualizations for what’s happening across their site… the new Arc is particularly mesmerizing for the visually inclined.

9. The only thing more interesting than a $100 million diamond encrusted skull is the making of….

10. Could the bizarre futuristic looking Magic Wheel really take over skateboards? Will people who ride around on it not become “the unicycle guy” on campus?


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